DataConf 2023

A community driven data conference

25 October 2023

Lagoon Beach Hotel, Cape Town

A day full of insights from data practitioners and networking with other data enthusiasts!
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Bringing the data community together

Vendor Agnostic - Practitioners as speakers

Topics across the whole data ecosystem

Anyone can apply to speak

Our Speakers

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Jade Abbott Jade Abbott
You don't need AI; you need to know what your data is

Michael Johnson Michael Johnson
Diving into Delta Lake
Ewald Horn Ewald Horn
Data army of one - Unconventional tools to conquer data challenges
Janine Lodewick
Could I store data in my closet?
Jonathan Gerrand Jonathan Gerrand
Where'd my facts go!?" - Navigating the Development Journey of a Knowledge-Augmented Large Language Model Application at Company Scale
Tobias Brandt Tobias Brandt
PRQL - Modern, functional data transformations with the Pipelined Relational Query Language
Guillaume Belrose Guillaume Belrose
TDD for Data Engineering

Johana Thathaisa Johanna Thathaisa
Unveiling the Illusion: Navigating the Pitfalls of Low-Code Data Tools for Non-Specialists
Bernard van niekerk Bernard van Niekerk
Riding the Storm: Thriving in Uncertainty as a Startup
Jody Roberts Jody Roberts
Modern Data Management
Rishal Hurbans Rishal Hurbans
Adventures with Generative AI APIs
Austin Poulton Austin Poulton
Cut adrift - practical MLOps buoys
Gordon Inggs Gordon Inggs
How to do everything right and still fail - a story from the data engineering frontlines at the City of Cape Town

Topic Categories

  • Data Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data governance, security and privacy
  • Machine Learning Engineering
  • Data Visualisation
  • Managing data teams
  • Data Ops
  • Data Ethics

Our team

DataConf is run by Mercia and Candice in their free time, partnered with Fizz Marketing to help with event logistics

Mercia Malan

Data Engineer by trade, software engineer by heart. Loves data and helping others learn and grow.

"I want to create an event in South Africa for the data community, where people can "geek out" about data topics, share what they've built and learn from each other."

Candice Mesk

Career from software development to agile coach to leading Blockchain application development, passionate about coaching teams and helping people. Co-runs DevConf, largest developer conference in SA. 

"I love creating opportunities and space for people to meet, learn, exchange ideas and talk about the things they are mutually passionate about."

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